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Selection of Current Projects 

Integrated Public Transport Facility (PTF)


This project involves the design and development of an integrated Public Transport facility (PTF) as a joint venture between the City of Tshwane and the owner of the Cullinan Jewel Shopping Centre, Cullinan. Completed, the facility will comprise several bus and taxi bays; informal vendor trading stalls; commuter ablution facilities; and off-site parking for customers visiting the Centre.

Town-Planning Audit - R1.5 billion Transaction


This project involves a town-planning audit of a property portfolio comprising more than forty inner-city affordable rental properties in the JHB CBD. The audit or ‘town-planning due diligence’ forms part of a property transaction to the value of R1.5 billion.

Integrated Residential Development


This project involves the planning and establishment of an Integrated Residential Development (as envisaged by the Department of Human Settlement) providing access to a range of housing options, retail opportunity and community facilities. 


Customer Specific Industrial Township 


This project involves the planning, design and establishment of a small access controlled industrial park for a customer within the road construction sector.


The layout provides several ‘Industrial 1’ zoned erven, located within an access controlled environment (private roads). The road layout and design specifications cater for heavy articulated vehicle movement.

Master Integrated Housing Delivery Framework


This project involves the formulation of a Master Integrated Housing Delivery Framework for the Raubex owned land in Tshwane.

Township Conversion

​​This project involves converting an long-since approved industrial township +/- 27ha into a residential township comprising security-controlled access to several higher density erven to be developed as individual sectional-title developments / complexes.


The township's concept is centred on the idea of creating a functional urban village where private recreational space and retail opportunities are within walking distance. Situated in close proximity to the Midrand corridor, this development truly lives up to the concept of a live, work and play environment.


To make for cost effective development, the township is being phased into several smaller townships, each comprising three (3) or more erven, offering development opportunities, for cluster housing development (simplex and duplex) and three storey walk-up flats)


For more information on the development please feel free to contact our office.

Light Industrial / Commercial Township


This project encompasses some 43ha of prime land situated within the Samrand area, Midrand. The township features some 24 industrial / commercial zoned properties permitting the development of light and high-technology industries, warehouse and distribution activities and offices.

Amendment of Township


This project for Valumax involves converting an approved high-density residential township into a township that offers both three storey walk-up flats and small full-title residential stands set within a security environemnt, characterised by a network of active hard and soft open spaces. The township is to be phased for cost effective development purposes.

Security Estate Town House Development


This project invloves the development of 91 full-title residential dwelling-units situated within a security estate environment. A choice of two town house typologies will be available - a 200sqm house on a 302sqm stand, and a 140sqm house on a 216sqm stand. The client is Combined Developers. Avna Architects are the appointed architects on the project.

Professional Home Offices


Presently we are busy with several rezoning applications that involve converting residential properties located along busy neighbourhood collector roads into formal homes offices / professional suites. This typical involves creating some 300 – 400sqm of business floor area for use by professionals such as chartered accountants, lawyers, dentist, engineers, whilst retaining a residential component.

Removal of Restrictive Title Conditions


Presently we are assisting several clients with the removal of restrictive title conditions encumbering the title deeds of their respective properties. These range from restrictions on subdividing, the conducting of business activity, building lines, and the use of certain building materials.

Parking Relaxation


Presently we are assisting several clients within Gauteng to move away from the traditional parking requirments prescribed by the various Town-Plannning Schemes too reduced and uniform (blanket) parking ratios applied to the gross or leasable floor area of a development vs. parking ratios per specific use activity. This minimises parking compliance issues as and when changes take place to the tenant schedule of a developemnt - e.g. shopping centre. Current projects include, Coachman's crossing, Town-Square, Comaro Crossing, the ABSA-BARCLAYS call centre in Silverton, and others.

Lodges, Wedding Venues, Nurseries, Boutique Restuarants, Self-Storage on Farmland / AH Holdings


Not all developments on farmland require formal township establishment. Depending on the zoning of the land and local council policies, some developments such as lodges, wedding venues, boutique resturants, self-storage, etc. can be faciliatted via consent-use or rezoning application.


One such example, and a current project is that of a boutique nursery and urban farm (cafe and bistro) set within the eastern peri-urban landscape of the City of Tshwane along Lynnwood Rd.

Retail Expansion Strategy & Site Identification

This project involves the identification of future retail development sites within South Africa suited to the operational needs of the client. The rest is classifed...

Private Hospital Expansion Strategy


This project, and other similar ones, involves assisting a private healthcare group in establishing and assessing the development feasibility of proposed hospital sites throughout South Africa. Demographic and healthcare demand-modelling techniques are involved. The rest is classified, but should you be interested in a hospital site please feel free to contact us.

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